October 4, 2018

Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment

In March 2017, the National Environment Agency (NEA) announced that under the planned enhancements to the Energy Conservation Act, energy-intensive industrial facilities with an annual energy consumption of more than 54TJ will be required to conduct energy assessments at regular intervals to evaluate the energy performance of their facilities and identify energy-saving opportunities. The energy efficiency opportunities (EEO) assessments will be conducted across major energy-consuming systems within each facility. The first EEO assessment reports are to be submitted to NEA by 2021. The EEOA reports have to be signed off by a certified EEO Assessor, who could be an In-house Assessor (nominated by company senior management), or an Independent Assessor (engaged from certified pool).
This enhancement to the ECA will catalyse the industry to identify more significant energy efficiency opportunities through better measurement, reporting and verification processes, and enable them to develop feasible plans to reduce their energy consumption. This will accelerate the pace of energy efficiency improvements in Singapore. In the process, companies will also be able to reap savings from energy efficiency improvements.