July 26, 2018


Registration categories

*A report covering more than 1 system may be counted towards all the systems it covers.

**For the first year of registration, applicants with insufficient experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis

***In-house Assessor’s Nomination letter to include

  1. Employer of the applicant
  2. Nomination of applicant’s employer for him/her to be their in-house EEO assessor
  3. Specify the sites which he/she will be conducting EEOA on if there are multiple sites.

Download EEO Assessor registration form here.

The application form has to be completed and submitted with all supporting documents to the EEO Assessor Registry via e-mail or post.

  • E-mail address: enquiry@eeoa.sg
  • Postal address: SCEM-EEO Assessor Registry

c/o The Institution of Engineers
Singapore 70 Bukit Tinggi Road
Singapore 289758

Registration charges


EEO Assessor applicant applying for Registration as Chartered Engineer in the Energy Sector will not be charged an additional fee.


Registration process

Updated 11th Feb 2021