October 4, 2018

Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Assessor Certification Scheme

The National Environment Agency (NEA) and The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) have jointly launched a new scheme to certify engineers for their technical expertise and experience in improving the energy performance of industrial processes, systems and equipment, and to qualify them to conduct Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessments (EEOAs) for energy-intensive industrial facilities. Industrial companies regulated under the Energy Conservation Act (ECA) to identify competent engineers to assess the energy performance of their facilities and processes, and identify and recommend energy efficiency improvement opportunities through using better technologies or optimising operations.

The IES will administer the EEO Assessor scheme and maintain an online Register of certified EEO Assessors. Under the scheme, prospective EEO Assessors will be evaluated by a panel of qualified professionals, appointed by NEA and IES, from industry, academia and the public sector. The panel will assess the applicants’ competencies and experience to lead and conduct EEOAs in accordance to the international standards such as the ISO 50002- Energy Audits.

As EEO Assessors are qualified professionals who have deep expertise in their fields, NEA has worked with the Chartered Engineer Board (CEB) of IES to recognise the expertise of EEO Assessors to be Chartered Engineers under the energy sector. Interested applicants may apply for the EEO Assessor and Chartered Engineer schemes concurrently, without paying additional fees for Chartered Engineer registration.


In-House and Independent EEO Assessors

In-house Assessors are employees nominated by their company’s senior management, and can only carry out EEOA for their employer company. Independent Assessors may be engaged by any company to carry out EEOAs in their areas of expertise. To this end, the EEO Assessor Register on this website will facilitate companies to find a suitable Independent Assessor for their needs. A company may also fulfil the EEOA requirement with both In-house Assessors and Independent Assessors.

For companies intending to appoint In-house Assessors, suitable employees for nomination would be those who are registered Singapore Certified Energy Managers (SCEM), Professional Engineers (PE) or Chartered Engineers with relevant competency, knowledge and experience in carrying out Level-III energy audits or equivalent. In the case that the company does not have suitable employees locally, arrangements could be made for an internal transfer of overseas-based experts to be certified as In-house overseas-based Assessors. Ideally, in the long run, there should be a transfer of knowledge and expertise to a locally-based employee such that the company has an In-house Assessor.

Updated 11th October 2018